When it comes to modern business, ACT Business Consultants understands that the world of business consulting and advice can be both complex and intricate. Our experience determines that no two businesses are ever the same, even if they are similar in size, scope and scale. Here at ACT Business Consultants we work exclusively in the Small and Medium Enterprise sector, offering professional advice and support to businesses within Oxfordshire,  Wiltshire and surrounding areas.

Our services focus on 7 clear business functions

  1. Sales

  2. Marketing

  3. Production/Services

  4. Finance

  5. Human Resources

  6. Legal

  7. Information technology.


Using a series of evaluation sets we mine information about each client's business, we build a unique level of understanding and insight into the issues and opportunities faced by local business people in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and surrounding areas.

Truly bespoke and personalised consultancy services that are completely unique and tailored to each individual business align seamlessly with business goals and endeavors which are delivered to a defined program resulting in a Bespoke Plan for the business. One that can be achieved with confidence.



That Can’t Be Beaten

Here at ACT Business Consultants, we are part of an exceptional team built around a number of industry leading consultants, former industry leaders and experts, and our professional advisers understand how businesses function in today’s market. Throughout our time in business, we’ve developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in how modern business practices differ between businesses, even if they’re all fundamental to the success of any business. We are the proud home for Icon Business Solutions in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and surrounding areas.


We provide the bespoke solutions, strategies and tactics that work for your business. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive business “health check,” to identify areas of concern, areas in need of improvement, and areas of opportunity and from there will work together in a collaborative effort to design your bespoke business solution. You can book a free of charge meeting with an accredited consultant using our on-line booking facility - check out the button in our header.


At ACT Business Consultants, forget about the generic business plan because we’re offering you a tailor-made solution designed for your business, and your business alone. A plan that you can achieve with confidence, because you are a fundamental part of it’s development using your skills and your unique insight to every aspect of your business, and we will support you every step of the way.