At ACT Business Consulting, we provide a wide range of consulting and advising services for our valued clients, within Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and surrounding areas. We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that we understand their needs down to the detail, so that we can work to deliver them an entirely bespoke and personalised business plan designed specifically for their unique business needs.


Our team of expert and professional business consultants are highly skilled at formulating new business objectives and goals for our clients, as well as designing and delivering the strategies and tactics that will allow them to achieve these new objectives with confidence.


We are the home of Icon Business Solutions for Oxfordshire and Wiltshire business programs for our defined geographical area, working in collaboration with their board and their processing teams to deliver solutions under agreed time lines. In fact, we issue our clients with a schedule in order that we can agree objectives and deliver on time every time in a professional and enjoyable manner. Nothing gives us more satisfaction as we see how our combined efforts lead the way in change management and meeting targeted objectives and that’s guaranteed.


When it comes to our clients, we always do the SMART thing.


Our solutions are designed by innovative thinkers who have worked in the industry, demonstrated their expertise, and have proven success time and time again of our bespoke business plans. And every solution that we provide is designed with intelligence, contains measurable ROI, sets achievable goals, is realistic in relation to your business, and keeps time in mind, so that you can reach your goals quickly, efficiently and with confidence!

If you’re ready to partner with ACT Business Consultants


 At ACT Business Consultants, we offer a comprehensive approach when it comes to providing our clients with top-notch business consulting and advising services. We understand that upon our initial consultation, you know more about your business than we do. For that very reason, our consultants and advisors do everything they can to listen intently, capture the details, and understand your big picture before we do anything else. Our qualification process defines the opportunity to work with you, produces a comprehensive report and scores your business as it is today. 

In order to be comprehensive, we must first understand your point of view. By working with our clients to understand their past, present, and future through their eyes, we can help to tailor our services to ensure that they are entirely unique to each individual client.

Here’s How We Do It!


In today’s volatile business climate, many businesses struggle to scale and grow. At the end of the day, you need to strategically position your business for growth because in most cases, it just simply won’t happen automatically. While you may generate leads, convert customers, and build a following, if you’re not properly prepared to scale, you risk missing out on sustainable growth. Let our consultants and advisors work with you to ensure that your business is ready to transition into a new chapter.


Business development is the key to success, especially in the age of digital. Our skilled consultants and advisors will work with you to develop your business idea from the ground up. We can assist in helping you launch a website, design your first marketing plan, or establish your short-term and long-term goals.


Acquiring the right talent, skills, and even partnerships are integral to the success of any business regardless of size, scale, or scope. Businesses often have trouble acquiring talent, and sometimes, have even more trouble retaining talent. Our consultants will work with you to determine exactly where you should be sourcing your acquisitions from.

Succession Planning & Exit Strategies

For many businesses and organisations, succession planning and exit strategies are integral to ensure a successful transition after an old leadership team steps down or is replaced, or after a number of business criteria are met and investors and stakeholders are interested in liquidating. Our consultants will walk you through the processes and help to assure you that your business can make it through these complicated transition periods without harm.

Fundraising & Venture Capital

Gaining the interest of investors can be challenging, especially when it comes to modern fundraising through venture. However, our consultants and advisors have developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in modern investment strategy and know exactly what investors want to see in a business. Let’s help to ensure that your business is attractive to investors.

New Markets & New Products

In today’s marketplace, businesses who don’t adapt, who don’t offer new goods or services, or who don’t explore new markets are often the ones left behind as the economy grows. Let’s work together to ensure that your business or organisation is always ahead of the curve. We’ll work with you to explore untapped markets and develop new products that could help to keep your competitive edge in today’s business market.

Team Development & Training

Employee engagement is a key aspect of running a business or organization. If your employees aren’t engaged, are unsure of their job requirements, or are unable to fulfill their duties, you will surely see a drop-in profits and conversions. ACT Business Consultants will work with you to develop your team from the inside out, ensuring that they’re properly trained, experienced, and engaged to handle their daily job duties.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer service is everything, and one way to ensure that you’re always offering top-notch customer service is to pay attention to your customer relationships. We’ll work with you to compile data that backs your customer relationships and customer service.

Business Intelligence

In the age of digital, businesses now have access to cutting-edge and innovative forms of business intelligence. This type of technologies allow businesses to automate processes, collect data and information effortlessly, and maintain IT infrastructure. Our consultants and advisors will point you in the direction of the types of technologies that would work best for your unique ventures.

Business Benefits

We will show you how to elevate yourself within the business structure to spend more time working on your business as opposed to working in your business. How your business can become less reliant on you. Increase the value of your business not only by results generated but also by systemization and functionality.

Work smarter not harder and build informative reporting and dashboards keeping you at the forefront of educated decision making as well as planning. It’s 100% a plan for your business and not just a business plan.

Business Essentials

We offer a growing list of support materials to read and download as well as a tailored news update for both clients and those who may consider becoming a future client. 

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