What can i control?

There is clearly an increase in communication via email and social media, once you get past the “we all need to keep safe bit,” (which of course we do), particularly targeted email is a great way to do this.

My feeling is that as people really start to work from home in large numbers they will allow themselves more time to look longer at targeted communication, especially if the sender is know to them or the topic is of interest.

There are a number of different email software solutions where this process will allow you to craft some nice email newsletters/mailers from templates, link to your web site and your CRM - just search Email Software Program. There are a number of well known solutions which range in price and feature sets but there are also some fantastic ones aimed at the SME sector for example Wix Shoutout, Wix Ascend (others available) which I use regularly myself.

To receive these carefully crafted emails will build awareness, empathy, trust and other subconscious emotions used in the decision making process.

I am not suggesting that B2B orders will result easily at this particular time whereas B2C may well do, but I am certain that as we come through this current situation those companies that have built up their communication will be best placed and this activity will result in raising your awareness with your current and also with your prospective clients.

I see this as one situation that you can control at a time when one has little control over other aspects of current life.

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