Your ideal client persona

When starting to build your client persona there are a number of questions you should be asking and answering:

What geographical areas do I want my client to reside in?

What industry types do I want these clients to come from?

What size of client am I best able to serve and to cope with?

What SIC codes (Standard Industrial Classification codes) are relevant to my ideal clients?

What financial information can I obtain about my ideal/prospect client?

What current credit limit is advised against my proposed client?

What information do I need to obtain to understand their needs and processes?

Do I have an added value proposition and is this relevant to the prospect?

Is my credit application process updated and will cover my needs?

Are my trading terms relevant, up to date and available?

Do I have a defined new client on boarding process?

Have I detailed my new client conversion rates currently and proposed?

Is my product/service portfolio current, relevant and offering advantages?

These questions will assist you in identifying your ideal client personas, you may find you have more than one. They will assist you in the development of your inbound and outbound marketing activities, your sales strategies, your on-boarding processes and staff training.

Key is to plan and measure everything using various metrics and KPI's to ensure that you build and maintain a strong understanding of your business and the effects that clients have on your business - from resource to cash flow and from cost through to profit.

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