£300K - £10M
clients turnover range
individual solutions
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SME sector employed

ACT Business Consultants, Ltd., specialises our services in the SME (Small Medium Enterprise) sector. We primarily work with clients who have a turnover in the range of £300K to £10M, within the regions of Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and surrounding areas. As business consultants, our job is to identify areas of concern or areas in need of improvement within the wide range of industries and markets from which our clients’ businesses come from.


We are the dedicated home of Icon Business Solutions in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire and proud to be part of a global business who have delivered over 8,000 individual solutions to businesses specifically within the SME sector. Our continued relationship with Icon Business Solutions positions us perfectly to deliver the practices of the larger Consultancies but tailored to our niche market and professionally supported by the Icon team.

In our minds, business consulting cannot be general – in fact, it needs to be highly specific and highly relevant to each individual client. No two businesses are ever the same, so why should our consulting services be the same? When a client approaches us, we first do everything we can to understand their business, their market, and their target audience. From there, we work through a series of detailed “Evaluation Sets” specifically designed to deliver the information we need back to the client with bespoke strategies and tactics to deliver the change and development we have identified in conjunction with our clients. From there, we work with our clients to ensure that we deliver them an entirely bespoke business plan completely unique to their business. Our structured series of meetings provide personalised advice and consulting addressing the 7 functions of business:- Sales, Marketing, Finance, Production, HR, Legal and IT. At every stage of our program we work hard to develop SMART solutions, these are Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time defined, and our process is designed to help build continuous change and develop ensuring clients meet their objectives quickly and efficiently.

Here at ACT Business Consultants, we’re more than just consultants – we’re your full-service provider of business expertise.

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